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we are inspired by harmony

A belief that our “skin is what it eats” drives us to create a harmony of pure oil blends to truly nourish your skin and replenish your scalp – so you glow from within.
We are a team of ingredient passionate, curious, experimenting people, we believe in old wisdom as much as we believe in new science. 
All our products are a result of various experiments, trials, samplings, surveys, test uses, feedbacks and iterations before arriving at the best possible version of themselves and finally into the products we are then delighted to present to you.
Our products are made with pure, natural, organic ingredients where ever possible. We believe skin care is an essential need, the need to nurture your largest organ, we make skincare like skin-food – all products are made in small batches to retain the quality and texture. 
All our products are free from harmful and artificial ingredients.
We create our product formulations believing that small quantity will be ingested through our skin, so the purest possible ingredients are presented to you. Most of them are harmless if ingested.
ūrja’s mission is to present blends with old wisdom and character, made to be used in an easy non-messy time effective manner. Made with only necessary and pure ingredients – mixed in perfect proportions.
Hope you will enjoy and love them as much as we do!
ū r j a
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