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harmony is our keyword

everything around us and, within us.. works in harmony.

earth, moon and the sun move around each other in a harmonious rhythm, giving our earth the rhythmic seasons that create melodies in nature.

we believe this rhythm is replicated in our bodies and minds. And, that we can nourish them best with products that are in sync with nature’s harmony. So, at ūrja we use only natural and naturally derived ingredients – we strive to create blends with ingredients that are harmonious, which means –  the ingredients that bring the best in each other, that are in the mix for a reason – the reason of creating a melody that will please your senses and nourish your skin.

ūrja’s mission is to present blends with old wisdom and character, made to be used in an easy non-messy time effective manner.
Made with only necessary and pure ingredients – mixed in perfect proportions.


if not sustainable? it is not urja


we say NO to harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oiLs. All our products are preservative free unless formulated using water, in that case natural preservatives are used.


we use packaging made of reusable cloth bags, the shipping boxes are made of recycles and repurposed craft paper, newspaper and cardboard.

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we source directly from farms in India, Turkey, Malaysia and Chile. we want to keep our carbon print low, so we adopt environmentally sustainable shipping methods

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