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  • $10.00
    The ultra-hydrating  ū r j a L o v e L i p s  lip balm is a unique formulation of clarified butter, almond oil, organic beeswax and shea butter which helps to replenish moisture and plump-up dry, chapped lips. Its extraordinary hydrating properties enhances the moisture retaining capability of the skin of our lips, leaving them soft, plump and glossy. When you apply this balm during the night, you might feel some superficial dry skin on your lips upon waking up. This is good news because the dead layer just came off, wipe it away when you wash your face and discover the baby soft lips!
    • An effective blend of emollients which replenish and soften dry, chapped lips.
    • It gently heals and moisturizes the lips, for a glossy finish.
    • Free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.