ūrja ricewise face scrub


ū r j a  r i c e w i s e  face scrub blends the antioxidant, elasticity boosting, clarifying properties of organic rice with hydrating benefits of vegetable glycerin and clarifying properties of sandalwood. This potent combination forms a harmonious melody with precious skin beautifying ingredients and oils giving you a healthy glow right after the first use!



  • softens the skin and improves its elasticity.
  • gently removes dead skin cells to reveal smooth and radiant skin.
  • restores collagen production to defy early signs of aging.
  • free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.
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nourishing, brightening, gently exfoliating creamy, no oily residue, aromatic… are some of the characteristics of our favourite face scrub

its  soothing ingredients make it suitable for all skin types. 
the scrub formulation contains food grade essential oiLs for skin benefits and therapeutic & sensory experience

what makes ūrja ricewise face scrub special..


Organic Rice

Rice powder is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich, helps delay skin aging, reduce UV damage, promote skin lightening, improve skin-cell turnover.


Sandalwood is revered for its antiseptic, toning, purifying, cooling and soothing qualities.


Vegetable glycerin is an effective humectant that builds skin barrier to retain hydration, instantly plumps up and softens the skin. 

aroma melody

OVERALL:          sweet musk 

BASE:                  woody 

MIDDLE:             earthy sweet from sandalwood and rice

TOP:                    deep musky sweet from patchouli


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ūrja ricewise face scrub